Sharing The Only True Currency In This Bankrupt World With Uncool Kevin

Well, I said yesterday that I was giving my family “nuttin'” for Christmas. However, that doesn’t mean I’m getting nuttin’ for everybody, especially since I got something special for Kevin McBeaver of the blog Always Home and Uncool as part of Bee of the blog Bee’s Musings’ Secret Santa event.

Plus, bonus, it didn’t cost me a dime so fit in with my going along with Buy Nothing Christmas too (well, at least in theory, going along with it as I already bought something for The Wife, my nephew and aunt…ahem).

So for you, Kevin, because I was sick of looking at your sad face on your header and thought perhaps I and other readers of your blog might like to look at the sad face of Phillip Seymour Hoffman instead, I present you with two new headers:

Always Home and Uncool new header


Always Home and Uncool new header alternate

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