I’m still reading (yeah yeah yeah)

Some of you may be wondering, “This guy calls himself a reading fool? Puh-leeaze. Who’s he kidding?”

You’re right. However, I’d like to point to the title of my blog and the parentheses. Reading is within them, folks. Basically, I’m just a fool.

However, in my defense, to paraphrase Sir Duke, I’m still reading.
I’m just not reviewing.

To wit, recently I’ve finished Death on the Nile and Poirot Loses A Client by Agatha Christie, plus The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. The Christie books are, of course, for the ongoing Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.

I want to start Ovid’s Metamorphoses for the Really Old Classics Challenge.

While I am still reading, I also am watching DVDs, mostly from Netflix, but sometimes from the library. I want to mention specifically one that The Wife and I recently watched that, in my mind, is a must-watch:

Make sure you get the BBC miniseries and not the American movie version. While I haven’t seen the American version, I have no desire to do so, because the miniseries is so complex that I don’t see how they could have consolidated into two hours and it still been as compelling.

For a trailer for the miniseries, visit IMDb, but take my word for it, it’s smashing.

2 responses to “I’m still reading (yeah yeah yeah)

  1. Okay, I haven’t seen the original mini-series, but I did think the American film version was very well done. I’ll have to Netflix the original so I can compare.

    • Be forewarned: it’s like a five-hour miniseries, but to me, it was worth the wait for the finish — plus the suspense was great, regardless. To me, the Brits put us Americans to shame in terms of television.