The Injustice of Procrastination

Last month I signed up for:

that is going on all this month over at Humor Bloggers dot com. This evening is my first post about injustice, specifically the injustice of procrastination.

Actually, technically this morning was my first blog post for the campaign, but by the time I am posting this it will be late afternoon and/or early evening for many of you. However, I decided I’d still post it. After all, to paraphrase the great Kim Mitchell, “might as go well up sometime day, nobody hurts and nobody cries.”

…although I think you’d be crying if you missed this, which might be the magnum opus of my oeuvre here (I know pretty sad if this is true). It would hurt you.

That’s not the only injustice. You could have been falling asleep to this post this morning instead of falling asleep to it this afternoon/evening. But no, I had to rob you of that. Procrastination is like that. It robs you and me of time.

Last week I wrote a blog post on one of my other blogs about getting up earlier to exercises and to read Scriptures (Christian Scriptures, you infidels, that’s why it capitalized; all other scriptures are lower case and, therefore, inferior). A week later, I have yet to do that. Tonight I will have a legitimate excuse for not getting up early tomorrow morning as I will volunteering at a hospice from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Otherwise, I have not had much of an excuse, unless playing Bejeweled Blitz or Mafia Wars on Facebook or even reading your blogs can be counted as an excuse. Yes, even you, dear reader/blogger, are to blame for my procrastination. After all, I am not going to take the blame myself. That would be a graver injustice than procrastination. I believe there is enough blame to go around…

…of course, I’ll divvy it out appropriately at a later time.

So what to do about this injustice of procrastination? I’ll be honest and tell you I’m not sure how it can be combated. Maybe it will come to me…


Note: I resemble this video except for the part about doing the dishes as my wife will tell you.


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