Am I bugging you? I don’t mean to bug ya.

Last night while talking to my father on the telephone, he fell asleep.

I was there talking away for about five minutes and then I hear nothing.


Pause. Nothing.


As often is the case with cell phones, I thought well, maybe it’s just a bad connection. So I hung up and called again.

Busy signal.

I tried a few more times. Busy signal.

Called my mother’s cell phone to ask if I could speak to Dad. She told me he had left a message for me, to hang up and call back.

I did and then he told me what happened.

“I remember you were talking about..”

And all he remembered was the first part of our conversation. He said he thinks he dropped the phone and when he went to pick it up off the floor, he was getting a busy signal.

Well, this has me thinking, because earlier in the day, I’m putting Facebook status after Facebook status, and getting zero responses.

I put up this message:

echo echo…ever get the feeling you’re talking into a vacuum? am there today

To which one of my friends Mike responded (I think the first response of the day):

…there today…today…today…

Of course, another one of my friends Jaffer pointed out that you can’t have an echo inside a vacuum, although I have since learned that the company Echo makes a vacuum.

All this to say and to ask you honestly: “Am I boring you?” Or to paraphrase Bono from the movie Rattle and Hum during the song “Silver and Gold” after a speech ranting about apartheid:

“Am I boring you? I don’t mean to bore you.”

If you think I am, well, instead I’ll give you what you want: the music. As Bono said:

“Okay, Edge, play the blues.”

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