The Blah!


This past week, it struck…

..with a FURY! Hurricane Katrina? Please, get the funk outta ma face. This is 100 times worse in its wake.
No, not the Swine Flu, although it did play a role in this production. It’s worse, much worse.
It’s The Blah!
No, I don’t mean The Blah The Blah The Blah either, although it sometimes accompanies The Blah! I mean The Blah! (and the exclamation mark is important!)
It first attacked me on a Facebook status update on Tuesday at 1:52 p.m.:


It”s been here ever since, most recently popping up again on my Facebook status yesterday morning at 8:38 a.m.:

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-BLAH life goes on…

And now it’s attacked my blog…and is coming after YOU!

Maybe these folks can help combat it:

Humor Bloggers whose membership is also trying to fight combat injustice this month…ahem, yeah, good luck with that!


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