I am the Thread Creep or Professional Thread Jacker, at your service

Okay, first of all, I’m not this bad.

Second, though, yes, I do hijack threads from time to time as the artist of this illustration, Jenn Thorson, can tell you because I did it over on her Facebook page.

Her comment was this:

The tiling’s all done on the fireplace I’m installing. Now I get to paint the fire surround, and drill big holes in my wall…. Er, well, I HOPE they won’t be BIG holes. Pennsylvania only needs the ONE Grand Canyon.

From that seemingly innocent discussion began a thread on the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon that I felt obliged to weigh in on since I live near said Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Not only did I respond to Jenn, but also to her other commenters.

Jenn thanked me thusly:

Heh, thanks to our lovely and talented Facebook page cohost Bryan for his informative sharing. 🙂

Later Jenn wrote:

Woot! Got all the trim and fancy wood parts on the fireplace I’ve been installing– of course, the house is old and nothing is QUITE at right angles, so leveling or centering things actually makes everything look Wonderland wonky.

Which of course prompted me to respond:

I think we should have an offshoot on the topic “Wonderland,” like the last time you talked on this topic and mentioned “The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.” Which Wonderland do you mean? The park? The ballroom? The drug and alcohol treatment facility? http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp&q=wonderland&aq=f&aqi=g10&oq=&fp=b8148470ea1f7ec2 😉

To which Jenn responded:

You know, I’m starting to get an understanding of why your sister feels the need to torment you so. 🙂 I shall dub you Thread Creep. 😉

When I responded that I’ve been called worse, The Wife, ever one to defend my honor had this to say:

Hell, he’s BEEN worse.

Thanks, hon.

Of course, though, she’s right. I have BEEN worse. Even now I’m contemplating how to torture my sister on Facebook while she’s sick at home.

Hmmmm…..lemme think.

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