The Top 10 Biblical Characters To Dress Up As At Halloween…er…Harvest Parties

The emphasis on Halloween for me as a youth was on the “Hallow” as in “Hallowed be Thy name.”

I grew up in an Assemblies of God background, which didn’t even believe in Boy Scouts but had Royal Rangers instead. Think Pioneers, but instead of red, we wore green and instead of quoting Marx and Lenin, we quoted Peter and Paul, chapter and verse, but definitely no Mary. Catholics were, and are, verboten for Assemblies of God youth.

We had “harvest parties” instead of “Halloween parties” and didn’t dress up as devil and witches but as prophets and prophetesses? Dutiful wives of prophets? Sarah? Noah’s unnamed wife? I do remember girls were in attendance as I flirted with them on the hay rides after the parties, but for the life of me, I don’t remember who they came dressed up as.

When I asked my sister about strong female biblical characters, she listed Mary, of course, Ruth and Queen Esther. My wife, though, mentioned Jezebel and I thought of Delilah, not two characters most Assemblies of God ministers would want their youth groupies to emulate.

My focus, though, here will be on the male biblical characters which we boys did and could have dressed up as.

10. Abraham: Even though I don’t remember dressing up as him, he is one that kids could dress up as, I guess. After all, you could come in with a little dance, using the Father Abraham song. No, this Father Abraham song, not this one.

9. Noah: We lived in farm country, and I guess we could have been accompanied by animals, two of a kind, of course.

8. Joshua/Gideon: The prop here would have been a trumpet naturally, although after that, I don’t know what the joke would be. However, maybe you could use this song somehow. It was an excuse for me anyway.

7. Samson: I don’t know if this would have worked. I mean, long hair, but not necessarily white would be so such a faux pas at these parties. It’d be like showing up at a Venetian Masquerade Party without a powdered wig. I mean, it can be done, but don’t be surprised, if the hostess of the party throws a look of disdain over her lorgnette if you show up with this costume.

6. David: When I first thought of this, I thought of using a slingshot as a prop, although perhaps that would be frowned up at some parties by youth ministers. My wife had another take on it, saying that if one did come dressed up as David, one rule would have to apply: no naked dancing. Selah!

5. Jeremiah: I’m thinking here sackcloth and ashes. This might be a little bit of a downer, though. However, it might at least get the other kids to think about the shortness of their lives…of course, teenage suicide is a problem. So maybe not.

4. Joseph: The coat of many colors, of course, would be a great costume. However, would that be promoting homosexual lifestyles, because of all the colors of the rainbow? And since Donny Osmond did the musical too (if you stomach that clip, may the angel Moroni truly bless you), would that be seen as promoting Mormonism, which naturally is seen as a cult by most mainstream churches? Could be problematic.

3. Peter: This one has possibilities with props of nets and fishing poles. The denying Christ three times, though, not so much.

2. Moses: You could bring in stone tablets for this one, maybe even a set of three and drop one if your youth group has a sense of humor, even though the youth group leader might be the only one who is old enough to get the joke. You also could carry a staff — and if you wanted to throw in a full impression, you could stutter too.

And the No. 1 Biblical character to dress up as at Halloween:

John the Baptist: Why him?

I just imagine someone coming in carrying his own head on a platter¡

Ba-da bump.

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