BREAKING NEWS: Aliens return Agatha Christie book they abducted

Agatha abducted

Back in July, I had a theory that an Agatha Christie book I lost from the library had been raptured. However, tonight I learned that theory might be wrong as I discovered the book in my home office.

I now think it might have been abducted by aliens similar to the photo above and returned.

I had just gone done talking with my sister on the phone when I happened to look down at the floor of my office and…



…underneath a case of CDs. I first thought it was another Agatha Christie from the library, because all the ones I get are from the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection and have the same black hardcover. Then I picked it up and…


…it was the copy of Murder at Hazelmoor (also known as The Sittaford Mystery) which I had lost from the library and for which I already had bought a replacement online.

It wouldn’t be so bad to have a copy of the book except that in my review of it, I had said it wasn’t worth owning a copy, but only worth picking up at the library.

Must be the aliens didn’t think it was worth owning either.

Sources: First photo, from The X-Files; second photo, from album cover of Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint’s Lo and Behold (click on photo to go to hear samples from the album from Rhapsody, if you’re so inclined).

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