Coming this week: Book Blogger Appreciation Week/Agatha Christie Week (TSS)

The Sunday This is the second Sunday Salon post today of what probably will be three such posts. In the first one, I gave an overview of what I’ve read this past week and what movies I’ve watched. In this second post, I am giving you all a preview of what’s coming this week here.

Mainly, like Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, my life is going to be split between two celebrations this week, Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), Sept. 14-18, and Kerrie’s Agatha Christie Week Blog Tour (ACWBT, a much more unwieldy acronym, I know, but nonetheless, I’ll use it), Sept. 13-21. Christie was born Sept. 15, 1890, and the official week is Sept. 13-20, but is extended a day for Kerrie’s blog tour.

Today, I’ll be kicking off the ACBWT by reading an Agatha Christie book per day as part of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and then posting a review at the end of the day here on this blog. The first one today will be The Boomerang Clue, also known as Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?. Of course, this is all dependent on our library having the last few I’ll need to complete the week, but I’m hopeful that they will. I already have the first five of the next eight, including The A.B.C. Murders, also known as The Alphabet Murders.

Tomorrow, I’ll kick off BBAW by highlighting at least one book blogger per day, whom I regularly read and who has had an influence on me. For an incomplete list of book bloggers whose paths I’ve crossed over the past couple of years, see here. For a more complete list of book bloggers, of course, visit:

As for the ACBWT, here’s the rundown of where it will be going:

Today: Crime Watch.

14 September: Reactions to Reading
15 September: Elizabeth at Miss Lemon Mysteries
16 September: Just A (Reading) Fool
17 September: Margot at Joyfully Retired
18 September: Crime Scraps
19 September: A library is a hospital for the mind…
20 September: Confessions of a Mystery Novelist
21 September: BooksPlease

Then if you’ve had enough Agatha Christie, there will be more Agatha Christie with:

22 September: Agatha Christie Quiz – at Mysteries in Paradise
23 September: ACRC Carnival #9

One response to “Coming this week: Book Blogger Appreciation Week/Agatha Christie Week (TSS)

  1. that’s such a fun idea to highlight your favorite blogs that way! I hope you enjoy BBAW! I’m glad to find some many great blogs!