Any vowel you use: Scribble, Scrabble, Scrobble; I am not superior

With yesterday’s announcement that I no longer will be having themed days, I also decided that I will have no rules either. So the rule that I used to have for no memes or meme awards is gone. However, I still reserve the right to change the rules of the memes somewhat to my own designs as I have in the past.

All that said, I received the following award from Kathcom of Magick Sandwich, who received her award from Skye at Weekly Injection of Chuckles and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

Before I get to the five bloggers to whom I’m passing this award on, with no strings attached (feel free to ignore the rules in other words, click on the badge above to see about the award and the rules, which I’m breaking by not posting here on my blog), let me talk for a moment…

About Scribbling, Scrabbling, Screbbling, Scrobbling and Scrubbling

While I appreciate the sentiment and received the award already, I really should have declined. I never have been a superior scribbler.

In fact, I’ve been quite mediocre. I’d show you a sample of my work from my elementary school years, but alas, my scanner is down.

I’d like to say I am a superior Scrabbler, but I never have been one of those either. My aunt Joan was and my wife is. I am a good scrappler in that I can put away a good amount of Scrapple, but I don’t think counts. I mean, Kathy from The Junk Drawer can put away a good amount of bacon. Does that make her a superior “baconer”? I don’t think so.

A superior screbbler? Scrobbler? Actually I do okay at scrobbling, but I wouldn’t call myself superior. Sometimes I get error messages that a song couldn’t be scrobbled.

Scrubbler? This, I do pretty well, because cleanliness is next to godliness. I scrubble behind the ears, knees and, well, all the other places one can imagine.

So to whom have I chosen to pass on this award? In alphabetical order:

  1. Kevin @ Always Home and Uncool
  2. Chowner @ Free The Unicorns
  3. Frank @ I Probably Don’t Like You
  4. Jamie @ Mad Science
  5. Walt @ WaltSenseJournal

Whether you who received the award want to pass it along to five others or put up on your site is your own choice. In fact, Kevin, I think I remember you hate this kind of thing, and Chowner, you don’t have a lot of badges on your sidebar, from what I recall (like any? 😉 That’s okay. Regardless, I think you’re all bloggers worthy of receiving praise for the material you put out day after day, in some case, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Also lest you think I’m a misanthrope, please check out previous awards here, in which I gave some awards to women.

For other bloggers with blogs (mostly) worthy of praise, visit the following sites:

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