Unnamed Elementary School Play

Recently I’ve been leafing through a photo album that my mom, dad and sister gave to me for my 22nd birthday. Among some of the photos I’ve already used in previous posts here (click the photos to go to the posts) are:

Lisa and me

Tom Kari Me Lisa

Me in VBS

Me in Steeler jacket

I even shared one of them for the Guess the Baby Blogger Contest over at Sanity on Edge. Guess which one? And to see if you’re right, go here.

With all that mind, starting today and for the next few weeks (or who knows maybe months), I will be sharing more of these photos during Flashback Fridays here.

Today’s episode: Unnamed Elementary School Play


Yep, that’s me at far right with what looks like an old-timey camera that reads “Boston Sunday Paper” on it. I don’t remember this specifically, but I must have been playing a newspaperman (which ironically is what I later became)…

…however, this second photo:


with the girls with bottles triggers memories of my playing a medicine show barker. Maybe I played both characters. After all, a newspaperman and a medicine show barker aren’t that far off from each other, are they? Each are hucksters in their own right.

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This was only the beginning of my career as an actor as I played roles in musicals in high school. See more here (unfortunately, no photos are left, but still there are the stories).

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