Meandering Monday #37: The Benedictine edition

This week’s Meandering Monday is brought to you by the Benedictines, specifically Mount Saviour Monastery near Elmira, N.Y. where I visited this past weekend.

Guests are very accommodating as seen by this note found on the coat rack in the chapel:


In the basement of the chapel, meanwhile, Mary’s patience is wearing thin with her new son:

Our Lady Queen of Peace

As he grew older, Mary still finds herself impatient with him as seen here in this statue in St. Joseph Guest House where I stayed:

Mary teaching Jesus to read

A reading teacher, who was a guest along with me this past weekend, said that is how you have to teach brats like that.

Mary, though, finally gets her revenge, by making him, even at the age of 33, stand in a field for three days:

Wooden Jesus

And last but not least:
St. Joseph guest house


A few shout-outs to members of Humor Bloggers dot com this Monday:

1. ettarose of Sanity on Edge first, who organized Guess the Baby Bloggers Contest (click here to see if you can guess first), and then who announced the winner with the bloggers revealed here.

2. Frank Lee MeiDere of i probably don’t like you who organized the HBDC Virtual Road Trip earlier this summer and now is working to put together a souvenir book, complete with self-penned comics, of the entire trip. It’s not finished yet, but so far, it looks really good.

3. and VE of VE’s Fantastical Nonsense who included this blog in his latest round of spoofs of his readers’ blogs, and I feel quite honored (and er, humbled, at the same time).


For a more serious photo post on my past weekend’s visit to Mount Savior, visit here.

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