Meandering Monday #35: Facebook Musings – and Rat Dog, Shut the *!##2!* up already

Why is it that on Facebook’s Bejeweled Blitz, four out of the top five on my friends’ list are female humor bloggers?

The four are Kathy of The Junk Drawer, Margaret of Nanny Goats in Panties, Quirky Loon of Musings of a Quirky Loon and Susan (aka ettarose) of Sanity on Edge?

The fifth, currently in second place, also is a humor blogger: Lincoln McCardle of Canucklehead.

Is this God’s idea of a joke? Or Mark Zuckerberg’s?

You may think this is funny, oh, Facebook Creator, but I don’t.


Facebook Pet Peeve #1: Friends who don’t talk to you but talk to everyone else. Recently, I took one of those stupid quizzes: “How well do you know…” of an ex-friend of mine from elementary and high school. He answered everyone else around him but didn’t say word one to me. I say, “ex-friend of mine,” because I kicked him, profile and quizzes, to the curb.

Facebook Pet Peeve #2: Friends who live on the same street as you IRL but won’t talk to you IRL. This one I have to blame on myself. I “friended” them, because I thought hey, maybe this will be a way for them to talk to me IRL. Nope. They still ignore me. As I said in an earlier blog post to my first Facebook casualty:

Say Bye Bye Gaara ^_^
Oh, the rat dog: our neighbor has one that just won’t shut up. It routinely invades not only my morning musings, but also mine and my wife’s Sunday afternoon naps.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that he/she really is a rat dog.

To wit:

Cairn Terriers are ratters. In Ireland they would search the cairns (large rock piles) for rats and other rodents [emphasis mine].

And it’s the same kind of dog as Toto (aka Terry). Hmmmm, now if only I can find a basket somewhere here…


Put the f—ing dog in the basket!

…and believe me, I’ll put a lock big enough on the basket that little f—er won’t be able to escape either.
A Large Lock:  Powered by force

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Credits: Anime bye-bye: Photo courtesy of ItachixSakura_4_ever on Photobucket; Rat terrier: courtesy of Wikimedia, Poesje87; bearbeitet von Freundlicher Zeitgenosse. Lock: courtesy of Webshots.

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