WTF Wednesday (on Thursday): Words To Help You Survive

Today I’m combining WTF (usually Wordless) Wednesday (usually Wednesday) and Day 4, Survival Day, at Humor Bloggers dot com Summer Camp. Head counselor: ThinkinFyou. Survival tips counselor: Red Raider. Earlier counselors: Day 1: Craft counselor: Mizzdrake. Day 2: Singalong counselor: Quirkyloon. Day 3: Campfire story counselor: Spaz. (Sorry, Spaz, since I never really went to camp when I was a youth, I didn’t really have any stories to share.)

sky grafitti

I found this on the restroom wall of a local convenience store. In case you can’t read the fine penmanship, it says:

The sky doesn’t ever end
The air just get much thinner

While Red Raider gave practical advice on how to survive in the woods, a la poison ivy, and so on and so forth, I, through the words of this lavatory (and most possibly high) graffiti artist, give you nonsensical advice on the exosphere.

For more nonsensical advice, some even inspired by “the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC,” visit blogs at the following sites:

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