Monday Wordful WTF: Piglet Toss

This week is probably going to be a busy week for me as I’m filling in for the full-time reporter for our area at the paper where I normally work as a correspondent. She’s on vacation. So as I might not have a post on Wednesday, this is a mashup of Meandering Monday and WTF Wordless Wednesday:

Piglet toss

My wife found this posted on the bulletin board at a neighboring town’s convenience store yesterday, and immediately thought this was blogworthy. Or as she said this afternoon when I told her I was doing my piglet toss post this afternoon:

I knew that was gold when I saw it.
And how many people get to say “I’m doing my piglet toss post today”.

I doubt too many.

This afternoon, I’ve searched on the Internet high and low (okay, like five minutes) and only found scant references to “piglet toss,” including in what I think is a role-playing game and a reference in a review for a rubber pig you can purchase from Amazon.

What I want to know is are they going to use the bikes while they’re tossing the pigs? Do participants have to hit a target while on their bikes? Too cool…um, I mean, cruel. Very, very cruel.

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