Just One Of Those Songs

Tuesday I talked about having “just one of those days.” Today’s it’s just one of those songs. You know those I mean, too, the ones that get stuck in your head and keep bouncing around the cranium for days.

Kathy of The Junk Drawer knows what I mean. For her, it was, as she wrote about it, this song:

For me, yesterday afternoon it was this song:

Then last night The Wife said the following song “stole over me unbidden…like a bad fart” and, then thanks to her mentioning it, it wormed its way into my ear:

Personally I’d rather have that last song stuck in my head to the one where I get to remember Jaye Davidson’s…well, you know if you saw the movie…wwwwuhhhh (shuddering).

What songs have gotten stuck in your head? Feel free to share videos and if it works embed a video of the song so it can be stuck in our heads too. Maybe, although doubtful, someone else actually will like it stuck in his or her head.


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