Rest In Peace…

I interrupt my regularly scheduled Flashback Friday to flashback to the events of yesterday, because I wouldn’t be a very good blogger if I didn’t blog about the events of yesterday, would I?

I had just dropped off my wife at work yesterday morning when I began to hear the first inkling of what would become a day that I would never forget.

And I’ll never forget where I was when it happened.

It shocked me to the core.

I wasn’t expecting it.

I mean, does anyone ever expect it?

Let me give you a hint to what I’m talking about:

Rusted out old muffler

Yep, you guessed it. My muffler was dragging on the road behind me, and I had to call the tow truck to get the car.

It was a tragedy of epic proportions. It’s not every day you lose a muffler.

It was a sad, sad day for me.

Luckily, today I’ve been hearing all kinds of music from this pop singer:

and seeing videos of this 1970s TV icon that are helping me get over my tragedy:

I might not have been able to pull through today if it weren’t for them. Thanks, Michael and Farrah, for the memories.

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Photo courtesy of compscigrad on Flickr

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