New automated robot programs for Twitter coming soon!

Last night while twittering, I was called a liar by an automated robot program there for using the word “lie”:


Ironically, I was saying that I wasn’t going to lie, but it still called me a liar.


Then this morning, I had another automated robot program pick up on a “note” I wrote.

It made me think of other automated robot programs that are desperately needed on Twitter:



I also think it would be helpful if it actually put in the speech bubbles to identify where a twitterer used the @ symbol or the word “the,” because we’re just that stupid.

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Oops. You may have received a draft of this earlier in the feed and went WTF? Don’t worry, not starting a WTF Thursday. Basically, if you haven’t discovered it yet, every day is a WTF Day here.

For much better spoofs on Twitter than this, see Jenn Thorson’s Bitter: Twitter for the Disgruntled and Ryan Garns’ Grunt: The Latest in Micro-Micro-Media.

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