Meandering Monday #32: Bonnaroo, 7 lucrative jobs thanks to Obama, first Facebook casualty

It’s time to return to the real intent and purpose of Meandering Monday, as set forth by Merriam and Webster (not just Merriam, but Webster too, mind you):


2 : to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination : ramble.

So here goes:

My wife can’t believe that I haven’t heard of Bonnaroo and now I am feeling culturally deprived because in my 40 years of existence, I had never heard of “this revolutionary entertainment experience” that Rolling Stone magazine has named “one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll,” according to the Bonnaroo website. I have heard of kangaroo, though, and have heard it tastes like chicken.


BREAKING NEWS: 7 Lucrative Jobs from Obama’s Stimulus Plan. Caught this on Yahoo this morning:

Computer Security Specialist Median annual salary: $78,376
Cost Estimator Median annual salary: $58,868
Civil Engineer Median annual salary: $66,638
Insulation Installer Median annual salary: $44,460
Solar Panel Installer Median annual salary: $44,460
Physical Therapy Assistants Median annual salary: $48,999
Loan Officer Median annual salary: $43,070

You heard it here first…well, or secondhand, regardless, you heard it here. Mark your calendar down on June 22, 2009, you heard it.

Oh, don’t forget the fine print:

All salary data is from The salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing [emphasis mine].

Well, f— me! [emphasis mine] I wish they had told me this 5-8 years ago. Now I’m 40 and out of luck. Plus by the time I got the requisite schooling I’d be in my 80s, hardly enough time left to enjoy my retirement.


First time I’ve had to delete someone from Facebook Friends was today.


Because the person annoyed me with their messages (and constant requests to join this or that group or application) :

To wit, the person put a comment on my wife’s Facebook page (wow! not even mine, that’s pretty bad to be axed because of a comment on somebody else’s page) about a post on her blog called “Albany Axes Adverbs.”

The comment was something to the effect that it was so sad how Gov. Patterson in New York was doing that and that my wife should protest the proposed closing of 35 to 50 state parks in Pennsylvania by our own state government.

That alone didn’t annoy me. It’s that she then said we should contact our state representatives via a website for Congress.

The only problem: You’re not going to find representatives of our state legislature on a Congressional website.

You can go to Congress with your complaints about their wanting to close Pennsylvania state parks and you know what they’re going to say?


F— you. We don’t deal with that sh–.

After today, I don’t either.

Say Bye Bye Gaara ^_^

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