Sunday Shout-Out #20: The Johnson’s Zoo plus HBDC Virtual Road Trip so far

shout out 20

This past week, Steve Johnson @ The Johnson’s Zoo celebrated his one year bloggiversary (spelling depending on how wrong you want to be — me? I like to be just a little wrong; others, though, go really off on blogoversary to blogaversary, really out of control).

Steve periodically tells tales of (and on) his wife, Angie, and their three sons, Peter, David, and Tom. One of the highlights of each post is Ladder Talk in which Steve asks Peter and David the best and worst parts of their days and what they would like to do tomorrow.

It is one of many highlights, I might add. To see other highlights, I encourage you to visit the blog NOW. No, don’t wait. Go! 🙂


Another place you need to go and no, don’t worry, I’m not going to be mean and say something unkind, is the Humor Bloggers dot com Virtual Road Trip.

Frank Lee MeiDere @ i probably don’t like you began the trip in Toronto and it’s gone downhill ever since.

No, really, well at least on its next stop, it went downhill.

From Frank’s place, it went to my place for a stop here in Pennsyltucky.

Next stop was in New Jersey where Joe @ Crotchety Old Man gave us the tour (Jersey wasn’t as bad as I thought; it was worse) in three excruciating days: One, Two and Three. Okay, really, it was fun. I just like to get Joe’s goat (that doesn’t sound right), but he can take some teasing after his Father’s Day post (don’t look, no, really, don’t go there).

Then the tour traveled to Stovall, North Carolina with ettarose @ Sanity on the Edge providing us with the grand tour of first the town and then her backyard (hey, it was pretty anyway, don’t laugh, okay, laugh, it’s all right, we’re humorbloggers).

From there, the tour took off cross country for the twin cities of Illinois in Bloomington-Normal with brookeamanda as our guide (yep, it was as scary as you’d imagine having her as the guide).

After brookeamanda’s stop, the trip took another turn South (both literally and metaphorically, I might add) to Cowtown, Fort Worth Texas with ReformingGeek @ Confessions of A Reforming Geek. First day, like ettarose, she showed us her backyard (where we slept in a shed, yeah, great accomodations there in Texas, all right). Second day, she gave us the tour of the eating establishments, including her own kitchen, and we stopped complaining (okay, some of us just can’t be satsified, I’ll admit, we didn’t all stop complaining).

The trip then went westward, ho
to Phoenix, Arizona with MadMadMargo

@ The Screaming Me Me! who showed us around the city and the surrounding area on a two-day layover. Day One, she took us everywhere from a golf resort and spa to a cowboy cookout and fiesta. Day Two, we went off-roading in Hummers to nearby Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

VE @ VE’s Fantastical Nonsense was our next host in Portland, Oregon. On Day One, he welcomed us, but told us not to stay and then on Day Two, he showed us why we wouldn’t to say with the city’s denizens being so weird (as if we didn’t already have a clue after reading his blog).

Next up on the trip: Idaho as presented by HBDCs Cabal Leader herself: Chelle B. @ The Offended Blogger. I think it goes without say that you should prepare to be offended.

To see where the tour goes beyond Chelle’s place, check out the schedule here, and as cruel as I may have painted a picture of the tour thus far, each and every stop is worth…well…a stop. You won’t be disappointed, except in that one place….;-)

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One response to “Sunday Shout-Out #20: The Johnson’s Zoo plus HBDC Virtual Road Trip so far

  1. Hey Rambler,I feel like a complete ass that I only today saw your Sunday Shout Out to my blog LAST SUMMER! I was blown away! Thanks (belated) for the honor and please accept my humble apologies. With the three boys plus Angie, it's damn near impossible to keep up with my blog (I'm still posting about January). Even so, I wanted to tell you thanks!