Bloggiesta Wrap-Up: 3 for 13 or a 4.33 batting average — yikes! (TSS)

Earlier in the week, I signed up for Natasha at Maw Books Blogs’ challenge called Bloggiesta. In a nutshell, the challenge, which ran from 8 a.m. Friday until 8 a.m. today, was to catch up on your blog.

I planned to spend 10 hours, which was a lofty goal on a weekend where I already was committed to helping out at two different places for a local festival and a work assignment last night on top of that. Needless to say, I didn’t come close to reaching that goal.

Out of 13 books, I reviewed three and started on a fourth review, but didn’t finish yet. The three I reviewed, all in one post were books by Donald E. Westlake:

Stark is one of many pseudonyms Westlake uses.

The fourth book on which I started a review was Medicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire by Ruth Downie. I will attempt to get that one done later today.

I did accomplish two other things as part of the challenge:

  1. I added a badge to my sidebar: Weekly Geeks. I had it there previously, but somehow within the last couple of months, I accidentally deleted it. As it was the first meme group with which I started, and to which I periodically contribute, it is a necessity that it be there.
  2. I had my blog graded on a site called Website Grader as part of a mini-challenge set by Ruth at Bookish Ruth. I received a 93 percent grade for this blog. I also had my humor blog, Unfinished Rambler, graded and it received a 94 percent.

Total time spent on the whole challenge: about four hours, including twittering about grading system with Ruth and others. While well short of the 10 hours to which I challenged myself, I am glad to have just spent some time on this blog as too often I have neglected this blog for Unfinished Rambler, which in contrast is a silly dalliance to this.


Footnote: One of the things I wanted to do as part of the challenge was to organize my Google Reader, including adding author and book blogs of people that I follow on twitter. That will continue today and throughout this week. I also want to work on commenting on other blogs. To that end, I’m off to comment on at least 10 wrapup posts and also hopefully along the way those who also participate in The Sunday Salon. Maybe I’ll see you over at your blog along the way.

13 responses to “Bloggiesta Wrap-Up: 3 for 13 or a 4.33 batting average — yikes! (TSS)

  1. I’m late! Sorry I’m being oh, so slow, in leaving a comment on the wrap up posts! I’m thrilled that you joined in!

  2. Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. Love your blog!

  3. Yup, I have two! And thanks for subscribing – I’m doing the same for your blog now!

    • unfinishedperson

      Hopefully I’ll be a little more active now after Bloggiesta kicked my butt into gear. 🙂 And hopefully I’ll be able to get visit more blogs like your own. Well, both of yours. 🙂

  4. Good work! I wish I had gotten around to cleaning up my reader and adding to my blogrolls too.

    • I’m not quite sure myself how I’m going to do my blogroll. For a while I had one sort of, over with del.ic.ious, but that one has been out of whack for a while…ah, well, I guess a project for another day. Now do you have two blogs? I seemed to think I came across you twice today. Is that right?

  5. florinda3rs

    It’ll be nice to see you making the rounds again with the comments :-). Congrats on the good grades for both your blogs!

    I didn’t get much of my to-do list dealt with either, but the mini-challenges I did were worth the re-direction.

  6. thekoolaidmom

    How in the heck did you get Web grader to grade your blog? It keeps telling me mine is an invalid URL. I thought maybe it was a wordpress blog glitch, but your URL is like mine. Now I’m feeling like it doesn’t like ME specifically. *sits in the corner and pouts*

    • unfinishedperson

      I’m sorry. I don’t know. You may want to contact support maybe?

      But then again, maybe it doesn’t like you. 😉 Kidding, how could it not like you? How could it have something against Kool-Aid?

  7. Thanks for commenting on my Wrapup Post. Good luck on finishing up your goals as well.

    • Thanks for following me on Twitter. While it’s nice to clean up the Reader, now I’m adding more folks from Bloggiesta. Thanks a lot, Natasha and Rebecca. 😉

  8. unfinishedperson

    Actually my Google Reader hasn’t been too bad. Of course, now I’m adding more blogs like yours (which I believe I’ve seen you around the book blogosphere previously, Weekly Geeks, The Sunday Salon, both?) so I’ll have to organize even more.

    Like you, I’m continuing to work on these goals.

    If nothing else, this has been a great way to acquaint and reacquaint myself with book bloggers.

  9. I had huge plans and I’m only halfway through. I plan on working on my goals throughout the week. You’re doing a great job. Good luck on organizing Google Reader.