Summer Concert Series Part 222: Dream Theater/Joe Satriani/King’s X, 9/06/2002

Okay, I really don’t know if it’s part 222, but since I’ve lost track of where I am with the series, it’s as good a place as any to continue.

So the date was Friday, September 6, 2002; the place, Pier 6 Concert Pavilion in Baltimore, Maryland; the bands/artists, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani and King’s X.

My wife and I traveled to Baltimore to a friend’s, with whom we ended up going to the concert, continuing a trend that I began when I first started going to concerts of hitching a ride with someone else:

My thumb, though, isn’t that big, just saying, and I never looked that good — um, ever.

Anyway, back to the concert, my wife and I went with two friends from college, Jeff and Steve, both of whom are musicians and were really into Dream Theater.

Dream Theater and Satriani were the co-headliners, with Satriani closing the shows west of the Mississippi and Dream Theater closing the shows east of the Mississippi.

'Over My Head' by King's XKing’s X was an add-on and as such, were the lead-in act. As much as I love King’s X (one of my favorite bands of all time and I was excited finally to be able to see them), they sucked, well, they didn’t, as much as the sound did. It was almost like the Dream Theater/Joe Satriani sound crew was using King’s X as a test for the real show.

“Hey, let’s see if this works.”

“No? Oh, well, they’re just the lead-in band anyway. Who cares?”

Joe Satriani, second up, was, in a word, amazing! I had never seen him either and he showed why is one of the greatest guitarists of our age. Satriani is most famous for his album Surfing with the Alien and being the teacher for Steve Vai, with whom he later toured as part of the group G3 along with Eric Johnson.

While Satriani was on stage, both Jeff and Steve were air guitaring their brains out. I have no other way of explaining it. They were just going full-tilt, yeah, a little like this:

Then when Dream Theater were on stage, Jeff and Steve added their own vocal stylings.

When I say they were “into Dream Theater,” I mean, they were INTO Dream Theater. How into Dream Theater were they? They each had memorized all the lyrics to all the songs on the group’s album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence for which they were touring. On the way to the concert, they were rehearsing as if they were the ones performing!

While the people around us didn’t always appreciate Joe and Steve’s…um…performance, for my wife and me, it was the highlight of the whole concert and something we’ll never forget (not that James, John, John, Mike and Jordan weren’t something I’ll forget either, because I do love the band…um, unlike my wife).

I’ll leave you first with a link to a sample of one of my favorite songs from that album, “Misunderstood,” the title of which also describes what I think Jeff and Steve probably were at the concert by the people around us…

…and then the first single, “Rites of Passage,” from Dream Theater’s upcoming album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings, to be released this coming Tuesday, June 23:

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