Maybe I’m not as funny as I thought I was

Back at the end of April, I applied to be a guide with for the Web Humor category, which prompted the following post: Don’t know much about beadwork, black hair, Boston or bowling, but that, hmmmm….

I remember when I first applied for the job, at the end of the application process, it was noted that it would take at least one month, if not two months, for to respond.

After two months of not hearing anything from them, I’m beginning to wonder maybe I’m not as funny as I thought I was.

So since I hadn’t heard back from them, I went to check on the status of my application and was sent this e-mail after prompting:

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for applying to be a Guide with As requested, here is the current status of your applications:

Web Humor: We still have your application on file, but we’re currently working with a group of candidates in this topic. We review applications in the order they were received; if we do not hire a candidate from this group, we’ll go back to our pool of applications and try again.

I’m beginning to wonder if I scared them off with my very next post, which was about Suri Cruise’s bronzed poop.

Or that I mentioned that sometimes I do imbibe alcoholic beverages: only here (Boone’s Farm), here (Jose), here (Jose again) and, since I mentioned it already, I might as well throw in this photo with Jose yet again for good measure when the lights went out the other night and Jose appeared to me in a vision:

Jose again


That is what he said to me and I couldn’t help but listen. I mean look at the way he was glowing.

However, that said, if in the near future, as a result of my drinking, I turn into this:

I’ll rescind my application immediately.

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