Of Jesus, guns and gays

A friend on Facebook sent me a link to an article about a Kentucky church that is holding an “Open Carry Church Service.” Here is a link to the pastor talking about the upcoming service:

It reminded me of a couple of posts I previously had, one back in September on Shiny Happy Rural People Clinging to Religions and Guns and another one last October on a book called In God’s Crosshairs, in which I used this Photoshopped creation:

In God's Crosshairs

The quote is from Ratt’s “Wanted Man.”

Oh, best part of the video where the pastor is describing the service, he said it’s at a private facility and is not open to public, like public of Louisville. Hmmmm, I wonder what he is saying? In my mind, I hear cries of “roving bands of Negro youth,” don’t you?


In other developments, in honor of this month being LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Pride Month as proclaimed by President Obama, I took a test on Facebook:

Yep, I’m 11 percent gay.

So today I stand with my homosexual brethren, high atop the gay version of Mount Suribachi:


Being that I’m only 11 percent gay, I’m not actually in the photo, but am cheering (and standing with, but not behind them, mind you, and a good, safe distance so I don’t catch their gayness either; I don’t want to be another 89 percent gay, you know?) the four well-built young men (hey, since I am 11 percent gay, I mean, I couldn’t help but notice they are well-built) from the heterosexual sidelines.


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