Sunday Shout-Out #18: i probably don’t like you and the start of the HBDC Virtual Road Trip

shout out 18

I’m a white male, in my 50s, IQ 146, from a loving family with loyal friends, some of whom I’ve known for decades. I am universally liked because at heart I’m a nice guy with no desire to hurt anyone. But I also harbour politically incorrect thoughts and less than kind views of most of the beliefs, actions, and mindsets surrounding me: this is my chance to express them.

This is how Frank Lee MeeDiere describes himself on the front page of i probably don’t like you. I found Frank’s blog through Humor Bloggers, where both he and I are members.

What are some of the reasons Frank probably doesn’t like you? Here are a few…

…because you’re Canadian.

…because you’re in my way.

…because you’re a sports fan.

…because you’re a male.

…because you’re a female.

Yes, sirree, Bob and Bobelina, he’s got all the bases covered why he probably doesn’t like you.

Oh, warning: he is Canadian and today (actually Monday, I’m a little behind on this shout-out) he’s starting a Humor Bloggers dot com Virtual Road Trip, with the first stop his own city of Toronto.

Second stop, June 3: right here in Pennsyltucky where I live.

After me, this is where we’ll be going on June 5:


From there, you’ll just have to follow along as we make our way around the states and ironically for those of us who are Americans end with Bigredkev in London, England, on July 4 weekend.


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