Sunday Shout-Out #17: Kathy from The Junk Drawer and Jenn from Of Cabbages and Kings

shout out 17

This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes to two of my favorite bloggers, Kathy Frederick from The Junk Drawer and Jenn Thorson from Of Cabbages and Kings, and not just because they happened to visit my wife (Dispatches from the Northern Outpost), my sister (Boondock Ramblings) and me this past weekend. However, I admit that did weigh heavily in the final tally.

For more on their visit, including photos of Kathy and Jenn’s feet (oh, and one of Jenn’s finely manicured hands), see this post from yesterday.

Amazingly, after being away for a funeral for an aunt and a memorial service for my wife’s grandmother this past week in addition to that post, I also did have two other posts this past week:

* In Memory of My Aunt Joan, Anecdote #1, which I misspelled the first time around as “ancedote,” I guess, from being tired after attending her funeral last Saturday.

* Oh, Jessie! which I learned is not just a random euphemism that my aunt Dianne uses.

However, I didn’t get to my Meandering Monday, WTF Wordless Wednesday or Flashback Friday posts. Those will return starting tomorrow, with a meandering post on the funeral and memorial service (mostly the funeral, because my wife’s family is a fairly quiet group — I mean, these folks don’t even fart in each other’s presence; my side of the family, on the other hand…).

I also didn’t get to my favorite posts of the week as I didn’t get to read all of your wonderful posts this week. I admit earlier in the week, I checked my reader and when I saw the 800-plus unread posts there, I marked all as read. So I’ll be starting over tomorrow and later tonight with y’all.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more funny and engaging blogs, check out the following directories:

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