Kathy’s feet of clay since she doesn’t like her photo taken

Kathy from The Junk Drawer and Jenn from Of Cabbages and Kings are visiting The Wife (of Dispatches from the Northern Outpost) and me this weekend…and my sister of Boondock Ramblings, who also came over for what Jenn called a “veritable Who’s-Who Bloggerpalooza!”

I would like to share photos of their visit, but Kathy has “a thing” about her photo being taken. At first, it was that the photos had to be pre-approved before even being published, then it was her hair was too frizzy because of the weather, then…well, it just goes on and on. You know, women (rolling my eyes).

Finally she allowed me to take photos of her feet, although she did say:

I won’t like my feet either, because my feet are too big.

You be the judge. What do you think?

Here, Kathy (left) and Jenn (right) sit in our living room:

Kathy and Jenn

Kathy has an ice cream cone at The Frog Hut, with Jenn holding the cone, a twist with sprinkles:

Kathy ice cream cone

Kathy visits the fire station where my wife is a volunteer firefighter and EMT:

Kathy fire truck

She wraps her legs around the pole at the fire station, one of her fantasies, I guess (yes, rolling my eyes again):

Kathy fire pole

Kathy visits the local bookstore:

Kathy bookstore

So are her feet too big? Let me know your opinion in the comments.


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