If I Were A Stickman…

….Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum….

…this is what I’d look like:

At least, this is what I’d look like, according to The Wife and a Facebook application called My Family, which creates stick figures of what you and your family would look like. Our family:

My wife is a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. This was the message I put up on Facebook with the photos shortly after I found them:

How my wife sees our family. Hmmm. What am I drinking? Does she see me as an alcoholic? If I’m even asking that question, am I? 😉 Unfortunately, the cat’s not that thin. Of course, we are ;). What does the overuse of emoticons mean? What’s the psychology behind that? These are all hypothetical questions. Please don’t answer.

After The Wife got home, and as I was taking her down to the ambulance station to go on a transfer (we live in the middle of nowhere and so patients with serious conditions have to be transferred from our small hospital to other larger hospitals), she informed me that our stick figure family had been on her profile for two months. Whaaaaa?

When I asked her what I was drinking, she said, I was supposed to be holding a Palm Pilot or Treo. In the small photo, it doesn’t look like a Treo. I almost thought, “What are YOU drinking?” It’s not like I can afford a Palm Pilot or Treo, not even one of the cheap versions.

So if I’m drinking anything, it’s probably Boone’s Farm.*

* Click on the image above for more information from Uncyclopedia about Boone’s Farm, including that the company has a tasting room in Pennsyltucky, which is where we happen to live. Woo hoo!


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Author’s Note: I publish this post with apologies to Stickman Musings if I offended him or his family.

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