Throwing my reading before swine today (TSS)

The Sunday For today’s Sunday, I’ll be taking a break from mysteries and thrillers. I’ve been working on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge since the beginning of the year, and earlier in the week, I finished City of Bones by Michael Connelly and did a review on both it and the previous Harry Bosch novel, A Darkness More Than Night.

Today, for a change of pace, and perhaps in light of the swine flu epidemic apropos, I’m going to read Barbara Kingsolver’s Pigs In Heaven after my wife read it earlier this week, put it down on my desk and declared that I “must read” this book.

One other quick note before I head off to Mass: on Thursday, I participated in this week’s Weekly Geeks with a post about my favorite animal stories. However, in that, speaking of pigs, I neglected to mention perhaps my favorite animal story of all time, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

I will attempt to be back later to report in on progress with the Kingsolver book, my first as I have left The Poisonwood Bible on the TBR shelf.

Speaking of Pearls Before Swine, I’ll leave you with today’s comic. I would have embedded, but it’s too large for this theme. So here’s the link.

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