Don’t know much about beadwork, black hair, Boston or bowling, but that, hmmmm…

Today I applied for a job with a website, whose name I shall not say because I don’t want to jeopardize my chances. Instead I shall jeopardize my chances with this entire post.

The site to which I applied has a variety of topics from which a writer can choose, so I scrolled down through them to see if any caught my eye.

4-Wheel Drive/Off-roading
Black hair

Wait a minute, scroll back. Black hair? Really?

I read further in the description and came across black/ethnic.

Oh, OK.

Continuing on, then:

Columbus, OH
Computer Peripherals

Nintendo DS

Oh, wait a minute, again. Scroll back to that…


I think they’re misspelling it. Shouldn’t it be “p-e-a-r-l” as in the earring this girl was wearing in that famous painting?

Then I read the description, blah blah blah something programming, compare to Java, PHP, Ruby…

…forget it.

Keep scrolling…

Teen Advice
Thailand Travel
The Young and the Restless
U.S. Politics/ Current Events
Water Skiing/Wakeboarding

Hey, yes, scroll back slowly…

Water Skiing/Wakeboarding (no, that’s not waterboarding or watersports, dammit, either one of them and I’d be in luck)
Urology (ewwwww, gross)
U.S. Politics/Current Events (booooring)
The Young and The Restless…stop right THERE. There it is, I used to watch The Young and The Restless a lot, because this guy was such a bad ass:

And okay, I’ll admit it, her (I even watched that Dick Van Dyke medical show for a while with her in it):

Hmmmm. I wonder what’s left?

Scroll down. Oh, dammit, there’s only one more left.

Web Humor.

How lame, but I guess I’ll try for that one, since I know jack-all about any of the other ones.

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