Sunday Shout-Out #15: Holy Mackerel and 11 others added to my reader this week

shout out 15 x

She is a self-described mother, wife, realtor, writer from Canada. This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes to Mary Moore (no relation to Mary Tyler Moore, I think) of Holy Mackerel. I found her blog through Entrecard which I just recently left and added her to my blogroll this past week to make sure I don’t miss out on her stories of Slut (her best friend) or her family or any of her daily ramblings.

In addition to adding Holy Mackerel to my Google Reader this week, I also have added recently the following from Entrecard:

A Nice Place In The Sun

Comedy Plus

Life in the Short Lane

My Daily List

Odd Planet

Over A Cup of Barako Brew

Slacker Heaven

Truly Odd Planet

I also recently added Ann’s Rant’s: Confessions of A Work Week Widow, whom I met at Humor Bloggers dot com

…and Confessions of a Reforming Geek, whom I have seen over at and various other sites.

I’d also be remiss if not mentioning Not Always Right, which was recommended by The Wife, who actually had a post up this week.

For other recommendations of blogs that are must-reads, visit my sister at Boondock Ramblings for her own Sunday Shout-Out, and Don Kingery at Beyond Left Field with The Sunday Suck-Up Times. Both blogs that they mention this week are well worth checking out, and already are in my Google reader. I won’t steal their thunder and let you read to whom they give their shout-outs.

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