One Year Bloggiversary, Part II: Thanks for making this a semi-success

One year ago today, I began this blog, my fourth blog or something like that. I’ve had so many blogs that sometimes it’s hard to keep track.

First, I had a running blog, Just A (Running) Fool, started in 2005, where I’d track my goal to reach a marathon by the time I was 40. Not 40 yet, but I’m not going to reach the marathon. I got addicted to Facebook, Twitter and instead.


Second, I had a reading blog, Just A (Reading) Fool (which has since been resurrected) to keep track of my reading. Then I got addicted to Facebook, Twitter and


Third, I had a blog, Journeying with the Saints, to keep track of my spiritual life. Then I got addicted to Facebook, Twitter and


Fourth, I had a blog, an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe) – which also is still in operation – to keep track of my first three pursuits: running, reading and devotions. Then I got addicted to Facebook, Twitter and


Fifth, I started this blog, originally at (ironically, in light of yesterday’s post, switched here to Blogger because needed javascript capability for Blogger) to keep track of my rambling, but while I was still addicted to Facebook, Twitter and, this one, at least, has had a steady heartbeat — if not erratic at times.


What has made this blog a semi-success? Readers– some of you semi-readers, that’s why I include the graphics and the Youtube videos– like yourself, of course. Whereas on my other blogs, with the exception of Just A (Reading) Fool, which did have a larger following when it was fully operational, I had virtually none.

Also communities like, Humor Bloggers dot com and BlogStorm all have been extremely supportive of me, and I’ve tried to be (semi?) supportive of them and many of the blogs that participate in all three communities. I would be remiss if I didn’t give thanks to my wife, Kim, who has her own blog, Dispatches from the Northern Outpost, and my sister, who also has a blog, Boondock Ramblings.

So what I’m trying to say, bottom line, is I want to thank you all, especially those who have commented so far on my last post, because you didn’t have to follow me like you did, but you did and, I’ll let ZZ Top say it for me (well, sort of)…


And since it’s required under International Blogging Convention Laws, I also will bring you my top 10 most popular and favorite posts.

For the most part, these aren’t in any particular order, except for the first two, which are probably my most most popular posts and also my two favorites:

* Springtime For Hitler In South Korea written after Joe, a friend in South Korea, sent me information about a Hitler-themed restaurant in South Korea

* 25 Things About You, Interwebs, The Train Obama Rode In On a twist on the Facebook 25 Things About Me meme

The rest are, in no particular order, and from all over the spectrum:

* FREE Obama-Biden Car Magnet, plus FREE Full-length LESBIAN novel

* Blackmail photos of sister and her room I think some perverts out there were expecting something else. Ewwww.

* The salad guy, the crazy pen guy: that’s me

* The continuing search for the elusive Giga pen

* Forkin’ around

* Where’s MY freaking pot of gold? : for St. Patrick’s Day

* WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #5: 20-Million-Year-Old Poop

* WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #8: My Little Pony Felicity My wife and her strange obsession with a My Little Pony, which she keeps on the dashboard of the company van.

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