Leaving Entrecard On A Jet…

It’s sort of like that song “Leaving on A Jet Plane,” only not really, in that I’m not leaving Entrecard on a jet plane, but a jet ski…

Jet Ski

and I do know when I’ll be back again, okay, like, um…


and Entrecard, I don’t hate to see you go.

talk to the hand

image courtesy of Canadian Redneck


I refer you to Kathy from The Junk Drawer’s excellent post I’m dropping Entrecard.

Ditto to everything, including meeting a number of really good bloggers through the network that I wouldn’t have met otherwise through networks like Humor-Blogs.com, Humor Bloggers, or BlogStorm. I hope we still can


Last Day: April 30, 2009 to finish out the non-paid ads, then get a fresh start with May. As always for bonus materials (yep, like DVDs, only without the annoying director’s commentary), click on the photos.

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