Sunday Shout-Out #14: WaltSense Journal and favorite posts of the week

shout out 14

I know I skipped No. 13, but I don’t think my next recipient of a shout-out will really mind, do you? I mean, would you want to be saddled with the No. 13? Well, would you, Walt of WaltSense Journal?

No, I didn’t think so. Yes, that’s right, Walt of WaltSense Journal whom I discovered over at Humor Bloggers dot com is this week’s Sunday Shout-Out.

He is funny, but this week what caught my eye from him was a tribute to Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas, who died earlier this week, that even a..ahem, should I mention this after the shellacking they got yesterday?…Yankees fan. Plus Walt’s from Pennsylvania, the fine Commonwealth in which I live, so Walt can’t be all that bad, right? If you say wrong, you can just leave. Now. 😉

In addition to Walt’s blog, other blogs that I added to my Google Reader this week were the following, in alphabetical order:

Beetle’s Memories And Ramblings

Daisy The Curly Cat

Nippleicious — I mean, come on the name itself just begs for inclusion.

Notes From The Bunker — oops, I missed the memo that Trish (Astrogirl426 on Twitter) moved her blog.

Project Kick Ass

Shalampax Speaks

Stickman Musings

WhaHappen — check out Marissa’s welcome video. Dorky, yes, but an idea I think more of us should copy.

Meanwhile, among my favorite posts this week, mostly in reverse alphabetical order, by blog title, were:

Jeff @ View from the Cloud who announced The Receders CD is now available.

Shawn @ The Shark Tank with Fold This.

Poobomber @ The Other Side of Normal with Pirates.

Kathy @ The Junk Drawer who announced I’m dropping Entrecard and whom I’ll be joining by week’s end by dropping the site myself (more on this tomorrow).

Rafaan @ The Doghouse Diaries with the cartoon The Photoshop Argument. Ray and Will are also cartoonists there.

Joel Klebanoff @ Shalampax Speaks with Traffic Light Debate that took place in that fair (?) country.

Grant Miller @ Grant Miller Idea who issued an Open Letter To Internal Revenue Service.

Jenn Thorson @ Of Cabbages and Kings with TV Commercial Mascots Fight For Personal Lives.

Meg @ Prefers Her Fantasy Life with One More Reason To Keep At This Midlife, in which she gave me The Sexy Blogger Award, which precipitated my acceptance post yesterday.

In addition to Humor Bloggers dot com already mentioned, funny and engaging blogs can be found at and BlogStorm.

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