From the past to the present to the future and back to the past (TSS)

For this week’s Sunday Salon, I thought I’d try something different from what I’ve done in the past for The Sunday Salon and yet somewhat the same in that it fits with how I have my blog arranged: past, present and future. Each week, I will give you an overview of what I’ve read this past week, what I’m reading today and what I would like to read in the future, based on recommendations from friends or my TBR pile (which needs to be updated in my header, by the way). So to that end, here goes:

Agatha Christie CollectionThis past week, I finished The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie and instead of doing a review on just that one, I decided to do a mini-review of it along with the three previous Agatha Christie books I had read: The Mystery of the Blue Train, The Big Four and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (click on the image at left to get to the post and to read the mini-reviews).

I am reading Christie’s novels in order as part of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge which was started by one of our own Sunday Saloners, Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise. With these four, the count is now up to eight so far. I probably will take a break here in the near future to catch up on some other reading. For example…

A Darkness More Than Night …today I am reading Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More Than Night (click on image at right for a synopsis from his own website). I am up about halfway through the book, as I am on page 202 of 418 pages.

This is the seventh Harry Bosch novel and the third to include (now ex-FBI agent) Terry McCaleb. Of course, perhaps not surprisingly the two are at odds over a case the two are investigating. However, Connelly does it in such a way that is not forced or contrived. I’m enjoying this one so far and look forward to gettting back to it to this afternoon.

If you haven’t read Michael Connelly and you enjoy murder mysteries with a little bit of grit, then he’s your man. For even a little more “grit,” I recommend George Pelecanos’ series with Derek Strange and Terry Quinn, which begins with Hell To Pay.

riverofgodsus medicus

Last weekend a friend from South Korea was visiting and reminded me of the book River of Gods: August 15, 2047 — Happy Birthday India by Ian McDonald, which he had recommended to me last year when he was visiting. Unfortunately, like many things, I forgot to write it down and completely forget it even though the book, a science fiction novel set in future India, sounded completely intriguing to me. For more on the book (you might be beginning to see a theme here, hmmm?), click on the image above at left.

Then this weekend another friend, who was a neighbor of ours when we lived in downstate Pennsylvania, called me to let me know of the book Medicus: A Novel Of The Roman Empire by Ruth Downie (click on image above at right for more information). He told me the book caught his eye while he was perusing at Barnes & Noble. This is the same friend who turned me on to the works of Stephen Saylor, whose Roma Sub Rosa series is the best murder mystery series set in that time period that I’ve read. So that he would be intrigued by this book didn’t surprise me.

The best thing about this book is that my friend is sending me a copy of it, so this one I won’t forget unlike River of Gods. I can’t wait to get it.

If you really need another hyperlink to click, here is one last one, which my friend sent me: the blog of the author Ruth Downie. I’m off to read now and hopefully catch up with a few of my fellow Sunday Saloners.

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