Tuesday’s Meme Things: I’m in L.A. with Harry Bosch AND Terry McCaleb

tuesdaywhereareyou I’m in L.A. today with retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb and L.A. detective Harry Bosch as they’re tracking a serial killer in A Darkness More Than Night. Actually right now, I’m more with McCaleb than Bosch as the story right now is focusing on his investigation into the gruesome murder of a drunken house painter. Bosch is off as the star witness in a trail of a movie actor charged with murdering an actress during sex. Somehow the two stories are going to converge, but only about 100 pages into this 418 page book, it’s not very clear yet.

This is the first time Connelly put the two detectives together in one story, and so far, I’m liking it.

Um, yeah, I know it’s Wednesday. As always, I’m a little behind.

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