Tuesday Travel Diary: Niagara Falls

On unscheduled business trip to and from Niagara Falls Good Friday with The Wife:

* Mentioned to The Wife that we should stop in Buffalo for buffalo wings, but she reminded me that it was Good Friday.

She asked if we should get a dispensation from the priest to the church in Niagara, where we were going since “we’re only in Buffalo this one time.” I told her no, because by the time we were heading back it would be after 5 and Good Friday would be almost over.

* Mentioned to her that it would be not Good Friday already by that time somewhere in the world. So she said, “It’d be like Jimmy Buffett Catholicism in that ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.’ So it’d be a magisterial Margaritaville.” I said, “Right.”

* We stopped at rest area on Route 17 West between exit 41 and 42 for photo of rattlesnake sign:

NF: Snake Sign

and Generals Clinton-Sullivan/Iroquois sign at parking area (noting someone etched word “stolen” that should have been put in for “were made available” after describing destruction of Iroquois power by said generals):

NF: Historic New York sign

* Was told by wife that I was brought along to engage in life, not write a blog post.


* Was told by wife when I said that I was getting a new card from our supermarket that this was the reason we need to get out more.

* After I informed her that “we” had the opportunity to “use the bathroom” at the portajohn at the rattlesnake rest area, she informed me that maybe “we” didn’t want to use a pissbox in Rattlesnake Land.

* “So you went to Niagara Falls and what did you see?” “We saw one of the country’s largest, surviving wooden freight depots. It was depotilicious” (after seeing billboard for railroad museum in Medina, N.Y.).

* Learned my wife never heard “Black Betty” by Ram Jam.

* Learned I never heard Lou Rawls’ “You’re Going To Miss My Love,” and that The Wife’s mom saw him live! (Sorry to all you hordes of Lou Rawls fans out there, I couldn’t find aforementioned song on Youtube.)

* Heard from The Wife that the reason N.Y. state troopers pull over motorists frequently because of the state budget deficit and that New York is a police state. “I hope no troopers read my blog,” I said. “F— them if they do. Last I looked, it’s still a free country,” she said.

* Learned on radio that Sinbad and Dionne Warwick are in the top 10 of the top 250 delinquent taxpayers in the state of California: $2.5 million in back taxes for Sinbad and $2.2 million for Dionne.

* Learned that Nikola Tesla wore robes and read a newspaper while on the toilet, courtesy of statue presented to U.S. by the government of Yugoslavia.

NF: Tesla

* Learned four feet of snow on Goat Island in April blocks people from seeing Horseshoe Falls from American side.

NF: Goat Island

* Learned the best way to take birth certificates across the border are in a Bible. God Bless the U.S.A. a la Lee Greenwood (blech!).

NF: Bible

* Learned that if you stop to take photos of windmills on way back from Niagara Falls:

NF: Windmills

you may get stuck behind car carrier for 20 miles on two-lane road:

NF: Car carrier

which may not make wife a happy camper.
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