Sunday Shout-Out #12: The Army of Epiphenomenon & this week’s favorite posts

This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes to a blogger whom I haven’t seen in a while, but returned over the last couple of weeks. His name is Thaddeus and he runs The Army of Epiphenomenon.

When I first started with, he was one of the regulars whose work I enjoyed and then he fell off the face of the earth. But on March 28, 2009, he returned with this gem: Congress Unveils Bipartisan Plan To Wipe Collective Asses with Constitution. His previous post was on December 6, 2008: Obama Transition Team Halts Work Upon Discovering New Facebook Application.

I encourage you to scroll back through his archives, because he has a lot of funny gems and I think is among many bloggers whose blog goes underappreciated. Of course, that’s why I’m featuring him here this week, hopefully to bring him a little more exposure than he has had previously.

Favorite posts this week:

1. Yahoo! where Diesel @ The Mattress Police reveals that and BlogStorm has been purchased by Yahoo.

2. April Fool’s Day reportedly filled with fools is the report from Johnny B. Truant @ The Economy Isn’t Happening.

3. Tiggy @ Tiggyblog celebrates her blog birthday with a look back at her first year with Tiggyblog is One.

4. Dave @ Out of the Mouth of Dave also celebrates the first birthday of his blog with Happy Birthday to me and a look back at his favorite posts.

5. Can You Hear The Angels Singing? Vic @ What Were You Thinking? thinks she can as she just completed her’s master’s degree.

6. Rickey Henderson @ Riding with Rickey, not that Rickey Henderson but his online persona and still a fan of the Mets, presents DISPATCHES FROM THE FIELD: In Which Rickey Noshes with Joe Girardi, skipper of the Yankees. Even as a Yankees fan myself, I found this one a good post.

7. The following post is mature in nature. Please read it at your discretion since it may cause involuntary gasps followed by exclamations of “ewww” and/or body seizures! warns Bee @ Bee’s Musings, but it’s still worth a read.

8. Jeff @ View From The Cloud announces that the CD by the band The Receders, of which he is a member, is done in Wrapping Up and will be available at an album release party April 25.

9. Matt @ Review Spew presents a post of mine from last week: Tröegs Mad Elf Beer Review. Thanks, Matt and the other members of The Review Spew team for accepting my post onto your great blog.

10. Me here: I present Pianoboy, the first of a four-part Spring Concert Series during Flashback Fridays throughout the month of April. This coming Friday’s post: Bandboy.

And last but not least, vote for Harris Bloom from Why Me? The Life and Times of Harris Bloom to be one of the featured comedians at this year’s Staten Island Comedy Festival by clicking here. You can vote everyday until April 15.

For those of you confused by all the facets of my online personality, I break it down for you yesterday: Administrivia: unfinished person explained.

For those of you just confused, period, visit Humor Bloggers where they’ll confuse you even more. At least, they confuse me sometimes, but at least it’s in a funny way.

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