WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #15: What’s The Buzz?

Tonight I was sitting on the couch, reading an Agatha Christie murder mystery, when suddenly I heard this buzzing sound.

I stopped reading for a moment and then didn’t hear it.

About 20 seconds later, I heard it again. I stopped reading but again, nothing.

I was about to go back to reading when I remembered another time when we had a problem with our furnace. Uh-oh, I thought and went to the basement.


Hmmm. Everything looked all right, and after standing there for a few minutes, I didn’t hear the sound.

So I went over to a sump pump our landlord has installed in our basement to see if maybe that was making the noise.

sump pump

Hmmm. Nothing there.

Then suddenly I had a revelation!

cell phone

Earlier I had gone to the store and put my phone on vibrate in my pocket. Sure enough, I found it on the arm of the couch with a message from a friend who had just called.

Suddenly my WTF moment had turned into a D’oh moment.


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