A maple syruping adventure with chili and NASCAR — yee-haw

This past Saturday instead of being the slugs we normally are, The Wife and I ventured forth into the world. We even had a goal or a few goals in mind: producers of maple syrup near us that were taking part in a “maple syrup weekend.”

We visited a few producers, but unfortunately I didn’t get very good photos of the process.

Beneath that smoke is sap bubbling that will be distilled into maple syrup, and where there’s smoke, there’s…
syrup fire
…yep, fire which was used to bring the sap to the right temperature to boil to make maple syrup.

However, The Wife did get a good photo of me with this delicious chili that was made by a brother of one of the owners of Butler Family Maple in Farmington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania:

me with chili

I think this was my third bowl and that isn’t just any normal cornbread in there. That’s maple cornbread, of course.

On one of the roads up to Butler Family Farm (<— See link for more lack of photos of actual process), we passed a house with a unique mailbox. The mailbox itself was made in the shape of a tractor trailer with the stenciled signatures of NASCAR's 2008-09 drivers on it, and behind the mailbox was a track that included models of NASCAR cars.

This to me was the highlight of the trip, except that the person who made it had the No. 3 in the middle of the track, with myself being no Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan (may his soul rest in peace). However, the person at least included my driver Jeff Gordon in it.

I’ll leave you with this video made and narrated by The Wife, who was afraid the owner was going to come out and tell us to get off his property. Personally I was just hoping not to interact with any fan of the No. 3 car, and luckily, we made it out without any physical altercation.


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