Sunday Shout-Out #11: Tacky Raccoons

This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes to Bunk Strutts @ Tacky Raccoons, whom I met over at Humor Bloggers Dot Com.

He’s one of the new folks over there, and unlike some of those other hosers over there (yeah, you know about whom I’m talking, don’t you? I don’t have to point my finger at you, do I?), he’s actually funny.

On his front page, he’s even prepared The Ruff N’ Ready Sample Plate for you to get a taste of his own absurd take on the world.

Favorite posts this week:

1. Bunk Strutts @ Tacky Raccoons yesterday encouraged his readers to put their lights on last night in 28 MARCH 28 8:30 PM PARTY LIKE IT’S 2009.

2. Meg @ Prefers Her Fantasy Life celebrates a birthday and blogoversary and announces a breakup all in the same post.

3. VE @ VE’s Fantastical Nonsense gives his analysis of the Vicki Lawrence song “The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia” in The Night the Logic Went Out of Lyrics.

4. JohnnyBTruant @ The Economy Isn’t Happening comes out from behind the apple in Heeeeere’s Johnny!

5. Joel Klebanoff @ Stuff and Nonsense talks about Going Down on Traffic and how he plans to boost his readership by including in his blog posts “words and phrases that people use when searching for porn.”

6. Jenn Thorson @ Of Cabbages and Kings shows why you should Hide the Children, Subversive Cabbages are Here! in a wrap-up of posts that have earned her being banned at public libraries. I know of what she speaks as I’ve been at the library and couldn’t access her befouled site.

7. Margaret @ Nanny Goats in Panties celebrates her ninth wedding anniversary in Hawaii earlier this week.


9. My wife, Shieldmaiden96, @ Dispatches From The Northern Outpost gives you the lowdown on the latest college craze, inserting beer into your anus, in Rollin’ With The EMS Homies (link there to another of her blogs; like me, she’s not monoblogamous).

10. My sister, Lisa, @ Boondock Ramblings thinks Hmmm…maybe we’ll just find a new church after her experience in church last week.

11. And in case, you missed my post about the chicken barbecue last Saturday with the men’s chorus to which I belong and the concert that night, here’s a link to it: Off on one terrible chorus and going down in flame.

What caught your funny bone this week? Let me know in the comments. Also until I get CommentLuv working again, please feel free to leave a link to your latest post with your comment, so we all can check your own hilarity.

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