Everybody’s Got A Laughing Place

When I was a young’n, back before my family had color TV, we had records or LPs. Among my favorite records back then were the Disneyland Records with songs from Disney movies. My mother says that she believes we belonged to a Disney club where they sent us albums every few weeks. Two of the ones I remember the most were from the movies The Boatniks and Song of the South.

The Boatniks


I don’t think I ever saw the movies to either one, but we had the soundtracks to them. As for the first one, I’ll just leave this trailer I found on Youtube for you:

…because I don’t think it warrants much more discussion than that, if even that.

As for Song of the South, however, I have learned since my childhood that the movie is quite a bit controversial because Joel Chandler Harris, the author of the Uncle Remus stories on which the movie is based, is considered a racist and Disney has not released the movie on DVD. However, an online movement is afoot to get Disney to rerelease it.

Now while I’ll leave the argument open as to whether or not the movie should be rereleased, I don’t know about you, but personally, I believe everybody needs a laughing place, especially lately with the world crashing down around us. Don’t we? So where’s yours?

More than a few of my favorite laughing places can be found at the following sites:


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Author’s note: Any racist comments will be deleted without…ahem…prejudice.

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