WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #14: Sit & Sleep

I was out walking today to the store to pick up my usual southwestern chicken salad at Weis when I saw this sign:

Sit & Sleep

Even though Weis is only about a mile from where we live, I thought as I was coming back that I was getting tired and wondered if I might go in and sit and sleep. That would be nice. I didn’t do it, but I thought it’s always good to know of the option.*

A couple of updates:

1. Moolah: Back in November, I wrote a post called “Moolah is back? For mwah? Naw” (click on photo below for link to post).

Moolah is back

Today I stopped by the store, The Farmer’s Daughters, where the original sign was and learned from co-owner Debbie Youmans (along with Danelle Fuller) that “moolah” is a special coupon the store has around Christmas time and the sign was to inform customers who were familiar with the program that it was back.

Here’s a photo of one of the moolahs:

Moolah 2

Personally, I just would have preferred if they had been handing out free money, even if it was in euros. I’m just saying. **

2. _____ Or Less: Last month, I used the photo below for a post (again click photo for original post) and today, as I was walking by, the sign still hadn’t changed. I guess all those things President Obama and Co. are doing really isn’t helping yet, is it? (Note to Merrill Guice of The Daily Egg for you and you only, this is not a rhetorical question, please feel free to leave your political analysis.)

Or Less 2

How do you know I didn’t use the same photo? Um. You don’t. Suspend your disbelief.

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* Okay, actually, it’s a store that sells recliners, couches and mattresses, but it sure sounded good, didn’t it? For more information on the main store, which specializes in carpets, click the photo.

** But really if you’re in the area, stop by and visit The Farmer’s Daughters, where according to a brochure I picked up, you can find “antiques and old collectible items” along “with new home accessories, giving you lots of decorating ideas to make your home and hearth warm and inviting.” And naw, they didn’t give me moolah of any kind to say all this. Neither Chip’s nor The Farmer’s Daughters are paid advertisements (unfortunately).

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