WTF Wordless Wednesday #13: General Shedding Blade, my super hero alter ego

In honor of my new domain, (update your blogrolls as I update my comments section ;), I present my super hero alter ego:

To create your own, visit The Hero Factory. Thanks to Kelly @ The HumorSmith Chronicle and Sandy @ Chat Blanc for pointing out the site to me. Or should I say The Mighty Thoughtful Philanthropist and The Fearless Whipped Lash for helping me to find my inner hero?

For other superheroes, see Redhead Ranting’s super hero alter ego and Canucklehead’s too.

And for other bloggers who like to think they are super heroes, but well, really aren’t, visit the following sites:

Humor Bloggers


Well, except for this blogger, who thinks that not only he is one superhero, but many superheroes– well, if you want to call this ragtag bunch “heroes.”

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