Where’s MY freaking pot of gold?

Photo courtesy of http://www.onebrick.org

Today after listening to Terry Gross talk to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gretchen Morgenson on Fresh Air on NPR about AIG and the billions the government has paid out to it, and now that the company in turn is paying in millions in bonuses to the very people that screwed it all up, I began to wonder where is my pot of gold?

Unfortunately, while I do have a modicum of Irish in my blood, mostly I have Scottish in my blood.

Photo of me (right) at Clan Grant tent at Scottish festival in Maine in August 2004.

So mostly what we get is haggis, haggis throwing and kilts.

Paul Haggis throwing

Haggis: something that looks likes a potato (or at least a cousin)…


…but really no matter how you try to dress it up…

Gummy Haggis

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It still looks like dookie.

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