Sunday Shout-Out #10: The Shark Tank

shout out 10

This week’s Sunday Shout-Out goes to a new blogger to me within the last few weeks: The Shark Tank: The Blog That Bites Back.

I disovered him through Entrecard (uh, which I may be dropping in the near future) and also through comments here on my blog, and unlike some other Entrecarders who have stopped by my blog, he hasn’t dropped and ran or dropped and then left a comment like this:

Me so funny. Won’t you plz link to my site. I exchange link for link free.

Or like this:

You want to make money? Who doesn’t? But I’ve got the way you can do it. Check out Oh, by the way, love your site and what you’ve done with it.

Go jump in The Shark Tank NOW. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Now hoping that The Shark Tank doesn’t jump the shark after I post this, but first clip I could find on YouTube with sharks.

What are you waiting for? Five links already. Go visit him already. Geez.

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