The obligatory Technical Difficulties Please Stand By post

As everyone is doing one of these lately, I felt like I should too!

So here it is.

Yep, my computer crashed _______________ (insert time when: for me, it was last night).

It’s at the shop until __________ (insert day: for me, at least Friday because we’re broke and won’t be able to pay for it until then; blame Obama, why not? Everything else is his fault).

So I’ll be back ______________(insert day when: for me, hopefully next Saturday when I should have plenty to write about, like…hmmmm…what else is there besides life on the computer? is there a world outside cyberspace? Well, now I’ll be able to tell you what it’s like out there IRL).

See you all then!

In the meantime, go visit the funny and engaging blogs at these sites:

Humor Bloggers


I’d write more blog posts during the week, but just to get this post up at the library, it took me about an hour after getting through all the parental controls, just to get into my blog and then to get the image up. Unfortunately, that’s not a joke. Well, off to pick up tickets for Watchmen, which The Wife and I are going to see.

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