I’m losing FOLLOWERS! Oh, no!


Last week I noticed that I had lost some followers here on my blog through Blogger. Whereas the number used to be in the mid-40s, it had dropped to the mid-30s.

I wondered what I had said to piss off those 10 or so that had left my flock. I checked back through my posts (and this was before I used the “sh**” word again in this post, in case, you missed it and really want to see it, or if you want to have a real reason to “unfollow” me) to see what it might have been:

1. Was it the Christian right readers that I offended by making fun of Awana youth clubs and comparing them to the Soviet Red Pioneers? But really look at the red uniforms in my post and remember back to the good old days of Breschnev and his comrades. Tell me there isn’t a similarity.

2. Was it the people who had been laid off from their job and really weren’t fishing as I said some of them were in this post?

3. Was it the closet Ray Conniff and the Singers fans I had offended for making fun of the iconic singer and his group?

I was really becoming concerned.

Saturday, the mystery was somewhat resolved as through Tricia @ papercages that it’s all Blogger’s fault for being as she put it “Stuck on stupid.” Seems as the fine folks at Google decided to make changes without telling anyone until after the fact. Today, I actually (and this is a shock, believe me, I think it might have registered on the Richter scale) received an e-mail from Blogger, telling me about the changes.

To skip all the boring shit sh**, what it boils down to is this: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=141159.

If you were following someone publicly, now you have to go and manually set all that. Before I could just click and follow through my Google Reader, but now!!!!?#&$%(!+_*^&)!!!!!…and with 180-plus blogs I’m following in one reader and 40 in another, that’s more than 220 I have to…excuse my language here and you can unfollow me for this, if you’d like…dick around with.

I’m with Tricia, who said in her post: “I am quite fond of all my followers and don’t like anyone messing with them.”

So bottom line is if you were following me publicly and still want to do so, please come back. I won’t reject you. I’ll accept you with open arms into the fold as I’m sure you’ll accept me back too.


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