Sunday Shout-Out #9: Stuff and Nonsense

I’m dedicating this week’s Sunday Shout-Out to one blogger, Joel Klebanoff @ Stuff and Nonsense, whose subheading is “To worry is to be. To be is to worry.” The guy is that good that he deserves the spotlight all to himself. Really. I am even forgoing other links this week to showcase his blog.

On his profile page on, he describes himself thusly: “An empty-headed individual, but humorous notions occasionally percolate up through his brain. Often not.

Joel is also a member of Humor Bloggers, where often can be found poking around the forums regaling the rest of us with his low-key brand of Canadian humor. Oh, didn’t I mention? Yep, he’s one of them.


I’ve been finding them creeping up everywhere online. I first encountered them on a site called SparkPeople and then some of them there followed me (at least, that’s how I perceived it) to Facebook. And now, now they’re freaking everywhere! They’re like online rabbits, they just keep multiplying.

Anyway, back to Joel, about whom this post is, not me (you get enough of me throughout the week, don’t you? it’s sickening)…

…I think his best posts are his multi-part posts.

For example, speaking of Canada, Joel debunks myths about his Motherland in a (so far) four-part post: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

He also related his advice to the American government on slaying the debts and deficits in a (so far) three-part post: Part I, Part II and Part III.

In additon to and, this post also can be found at Blogerella.

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