2 X 4 for Tuesday: Ferrante & Teicher AND Ray Coniff & The Singers

Ferrante & Teicher - The Exciting Pianos of Ferrante & TeicherRay Conniff - Invisible Tears

The two albums above were two albums that my parents had on record when I was a kid. Ferrante & Teicher actually were very talented, if you’re into this kind of schmaltz, as exhibited on this video…

but Ray Conniff and his singers are just too over the top:

Like the shepherd guards his sheep
Watch your children as they sleep
Like the potter turns his clay
Help to shape a better day, and
Let us sing a song of love

Blech! And was Ray actually singing there in the middle with his snazzy red jacket?

Speaking of over the top, but in a good way:

Harris Bloom, comedian extraordinaire and writer of Why Me? The Life and Times of Harris Bloom, sent me a personal appeal for me to include a link to vote for him here:


I’ve decided that I want to use my blog for nefarious purposes, Harris. 😉 Harris says you don’t have to register to vote — takes literally five seconds — and you can vote for him daily. I didn’t believe him, but I tried it and it’s true.

harris bloom

For more kudos to Harris Bloom, check out Kirsten’s post at The Soccer Mom Files, which does a much better job pimpin’ Harris than this one.

Harris is also featured on Humor-Blogs.com along with other funny bloggers and those like myself who sometimes pretend to be funny.

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A real post will be forthcoming later in the week, probably for Flashback Friday on the days in high school I “performed” in musicals. Until then, enjoy this Nanny Goats in Panties post where she remembers her own career in musical theatre.

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